Harsh Agrawal

I work on ideas that make a dent in the world.

Check out my book that covers my journey about:

  • Learning programming during high school and releasing video games on Play Store
  • Getting into NYU with a $100K scholarship
  • Dropping out to work for a $10B+ tech company (Avalara) as their youngest SWE
  • Consulting remotely for US startups
  • Building a DevTools startup and getting interest from Tier 1 VCs (a16z, Sequoia, etc.)
  • and a lot more!

Featured Videos

The Indian Edtech Story

Got featured on the 1st episode of The Indian Edtech Story, a Docuseries on Hotstar (Netflix of India). Coding Ninjas covered my story of how I got my first tech job through their bootcamp, dropped out of college in just the 2nd semester, worked at Avalara (a $10B+ tech company) for a couple of years, and started my own startup DevKit!

How to start a Tech Startup? | Choose between Job and Startup | Destination X | Coding Ninjas

I was invited for this 90 minutes long podcast with the Founder and CEO of Coding Ninjas Ankush Singla Sir and a Microsoft Engineer Naman Jain. We talked about the difference in the daily life as a Software Engineer at a tech giant and as a Founder of an early-stage startup.

Getting Started with Google Summer of Code - Shashank Kirtania (GSoC'22, PyMC)

Recorded a podcast with my high-school friend Shashank Kirtania who was selected for GSoc'22 for the PyMC organization. He talked about his journey to getting selected for PyMC, his experience during the program, tips for new college students, and a lot more things!

Projects and Products

Here are some of my Products.

Description of mini-book...
Cohort-based Course
Description of cohort-based course...
Description of DevKit...
Devin for Data Analysis
Description of Devin for Data Analysis...
Ethereum Developer Tooling Landscape
Description of Ethereum Developer Tooling Landscape...

Wall of Love

Making a difference in the lives of people is what keeps me motivated

  • I never said this but now I have to @itsharshag ser is my inspiration like for the work perceptive.
    Jared Palmer
    Yash Suthar
  • You're one of the very first people on twitter who i got the inspiration to build my own products, I'll give it my all to make you proud broski ⚡
    Jared Palmer
  • Thanks Harsh! You inspire me to tweet my winnings lol 🤝🏻
    Jared Palmer

My Experience

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Lead Software Engineer

Jun 2023 - Present

  • Worked on low-latency voice call (<2s response time) experiences for web and phone with websockets and Twilio
  • Setup efficient RAG system to provide bots access to long-form content and real-time information
  • Built internal tools to fine-tune LLMs in seconds
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Jan 2022 - Present

  • Bundled and AI-powered tools to help developers save 10s of hours every week.
  • $5K revenue. 8K+ signups. $10K raised from ZFellows.
  • Pitched to partners at a16z, Sequoia, Nexus Tech Ventures, Techstars, etc. on 1-1 virtual calls
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Software Engineer

Mar 2022 - Jan 2023

  • Built a custom course platform to migrate from a revenue-sharing platform resulting in savings of over $25K
  • Built an internal hiring platform to connect Web3 companies with developers
  • Scraped and analyzed data for market research
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Software Engineer

Jul 2020 - Dec 2021

  • Migrated multi-node EC2 based ElasticSearch 6 cluster to EKS based ElasticSearch 7 cluster. The cluster stored more than 500M records.
  • Worked on data pipelines built with Spark and Scalding processing terabytes of data every month
  • Built a low-code tool with Go and React to allow users to scrape websites with an intuitive user interface. It is being used extensively across multiple teams.
  • Built a Scala REST API to transform cross border taxes and rates data for downstream systems.
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Software Engineer intern

Mar 2020 - Jun 2020

  • Went through a 3 months bootcamp covering Scala, data processing with Akka Streams, Spark, Docker, and Kubernetes. I implemented Okta Authentication for one of our internal apps
  • Maintained internal and open-source Scala projects.
  • Contributed to managing our monthly data processing cycle.

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