1517 Fund Application

My project is...
An all-in-one toolkit to help frontend and backend developers build web apps and APIs faster We have 25+ mini-tools and 600 MAUs
Fun Fact: Convincing my elder brother to dropout was harder than convincing my parents. I hid the truth from him for a whole year that I had completely dropped out out of college.
Unique Notion: Contrary to the new opinion that folks should drop out of college, I believe colleges work quite well for the majority of the population because most people are still figuring out what they want out of life and just wanna have a lot of fun
If colleges make their curriculum more hands-on, improve industry connections, and shorten the duration of degrees then they can still retain their edge for the next 15-20 years at the least
  1. Mentorship in increasing MAUs to 10K in the next 3-6 months
  1. Mentorship in fundraising at least $125K in the form of an angel or pre-seed round in maximum 3 months
From another applicant: Paul Joseph (paulrejijoseph@gmail.com)