Meeting with Arjun Veer Chaddha Sir

I got the chance to meet Arjun Sir for a longer conversation in his office a few days ago.
He told me about his One97 (Parent company of PayTM) days. How he used to get bored with one department and then used to take a leave for a week and worked for another department for a week.
He told me that Headstart is an amazing organization and I should apply to become a volunteer there.
He also told me about the TIE meets where I could meet Vijay Shekhar Sir and if I can pitch or impress him, I could get a free office in the Nodia One97 building. Vijay Shekhar usually gives free office space to startups he likes in empty spaces in the One97 building.
He told me about he and other co-working spaces owners formed a gorup together and negotiated with vendors to cut down their expenses and survive the whole down cycle during the lockdown. Having competition is really important, life is better wit rivals. You learn from each other and you have something to look forward to every day.
He told me how he observed that there is more traffic going outside Faridabad than coming to Faridabad. He did surveys and found out that people don’t look up to Faridabad that much in terms of good job opportunities. That is one of the reasons, he opened co-working spaces so that the nice companies can come in and build from Faridabad so that more people take Faridabad as the first choice. This is definitely something I will try my best to help Arjun Sir in any way possible.
Also, we talked about a lot more stuff. He is an amazing person radiating energy and liveliness. It’s such a privilege to know and get to talk to him.