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Story: Dropped out of college at 18 to work for a $10B+ tax software company Avalara. Picked up Web Dev, Big Data, and DevOps skills in 2 years (2020-2021). Then worked for Preethi Kasireddy’s Web3 startup DappCamp for 1 year (2022). After that, went full-time on DevKit (2023). Strengths: 1. Can take calculated risks 2. Know the DevTools space well 3. Can build a strong team Team: 10 interns and 1 one Ex-Amazon engineer Past: ZFellow Alumni (May’22 Cohort), NYU Admit ($100K+ scholarship, Sep'19)
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At DevKit, we are bundling and 10x improving developer tools to make developers and engineering teams more productive. Developers use a lot of web tools, desktop tools, IDE extensions, and cli tools to get tasks done. We are consolidating and improving essential DevTools like API Testing tools and Developer utilities in a single place to reduce context switching to improve productivity. Plus, we are enhancing the DX of each tool by understanding the pain points with the existing tools.
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DevKit India Private Limited