N&W S3 Application

what's your name?

Harsh Agrawal

what do you wanna create? drop a few ideas below + explain them.

we don't care how "big" the idea is — it could be launching an ios fitness app, recording a metal album, training new ai models. whatever. as long as you're excited about it.
  1. API Clients (like Postman): Simplified UI/UX and AI-powered completion
  1. DB Clients (like pgAdmin): SQL + NoSQL
  1. Terminals: Autocomplete and mini-apps And bring these into a single desktop app to reduce context switching. Will save a lot of time for developers.

build anything cool in the past? drop some links + tell us about it.

this is the most important question. tell us about some stuff you've created in the past + give us links. we don't care if its a vlog you made when you were 13 or a gpt-3 based web app you shipped last week.
  1. Launched 1st version of DevKit https://producthunt.com/products/devkit-2 alone
  1. Couple of interesting OSS projects: https://github.com/itsharshag
  1. Learning platform (koursekat.com), learn from curated YT content. ~150 registered users. Shut it down because of low traction

if your life story was a tweet, what would it say?

  1. Shipped video games on Android Play Store in high school
  1. $100K scholarship to NYU. Couldn't finance the rest fees so went to a tier-3 college in India
  1. Dropped out and worked for 3 years in corporate and startups
  1. Full-time into my startup with 11 people strong team

what's your email

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how'd you find out about us

from twitter
a friend told me
a college club
i'm a n&w alumni
i've done a buildspace project
i'm a n&w alumni

optional -- what's the link to your twitter or linkedin?

optional -- where are you based?

we run irl events and this helps us know where we should host them optional -- a video is easier than words.
Delhi, India

optional -- a video is easier than words.

if you're not feeling too hot about your application then record a quick video (like 30s) telling us about yourself. upload it to YouTube and submit the link below.