Web3Samaj + Alchemy Event

Web3Samaj collaborated with Alchemy to conduct a Web3 developers and enthusiasts meetup at the Hotel Haut Monde in Gurgaon.
It was a great event. Two of the attendees I already knew there. Chatted and interacted with a lot of people and made a lot of new connections.
Especially got to make friends with Gaurav Gapta who is an amazing DeFi trade. He told me his stories and how he converted zero rupees into more than two lakh rupees through free airdrops, NFT flipping, and other mechanisms.
There were a couple of great tech talks. The first one introduced us to Web3 in a simple to understand manner.
The second tech talk was by a Polygon Engineer. I really enjoyed this talk. I answered a couple of the questions which he asked to the audience. It was great to revise things about Ethereum and the Merge.
During the 2nd tech talk, I got really hungry. So I left the hall and spent rest of my time there at the food section eating and networking with people.
Towards the end of the event, I went inside to collect all the swags I could get my hands on. I grabbed 2 shirts and lots of stickers 😎
It was an amazing event. I hope more such events are organized. There was so much to learn and so many amazing people to meet.